Getting Started with eDofE

Getting Started with eDofE

Once you pay your enrolment fee and submit your enrolment form we will get you enrolled, and you should receive your enrolment pack from us in the next few weeks – you may recieve an email with your login details before this. Once you are enrolled you will be able to access your account on eDofE , which is the online portal where you will record what you do, and provide evidence of this.

sigining-inSigning in

The sign in page is pretty self-explanatory. Your username is supplied with your enrolement pack, or if you have done another DofE level, it will be the same as before. If you ever forget it the leaders can see it and remind you. If you forget your password, but have your username, you can use the ‘forgot your password?’ button. This sends a reset email to the email account you have on the system – so please keep your email up-to-date!

mobile-siteMobile site

The participant mobile site is specifically designed for efficient use on a mobile – it’s a really great way to add evidence to your account such a photos. It works in the same way as the main site. We recommend you bookmark this site on your phone, although it is accessible from the eDfoE homepage.

Signing in for the first time

The first time you login to eDofE you will get a welcome from Prince Philip, and then a form to collect your basic info. You may also be asked to check this is up to date every six months or so, especially if you haven’t logged in for a long time.

The first time you login when you have been enrolled for a new level you will be asked to select your planned timescales for this level. This is fairly self-explanatory, if you need any reminders about requirements you can find this on the DofE website. Obviously you are welcome to discuss this with us before you make any decisions, but you can go back and change these timescales later – you are not absolutely committing to them!

If you haven’t finished Silver yet you will be counted as a direct participant, and therefore you will have longer timescales than you expect. This will be updated when you complete Silver – so get on and get it done!

Please note your residential often shows up as 6 or 12 months – don’t worry, that’s to allow for planning, the actual residential requirements are still only 5 days!

The eDofE homepage

Your eDofE homepage is where you will land whenever you login to eDofE after the first time. Here’s a few key points:

The programme planner

When you go into each of your sections at Gold you will be able to edit the details and add your plans. This is mostly self-explanatory; there are three essentials for starting your section:

  1. Your goals. These should be a challenge to you, from your starting point.
    • If you have done the activity before for another DofE level you need to set goals that show that you are aiming higher than previously.
    • It’s great if you have something concrete to aim for such as gaining a qualification or new level, but it doesn’t have to be so finite, improving your skills and gaining experience is also valid.
    • DofE is about commitment, not getting to a specifc level or goal. If something happens that prevents you meeting your goal e.g. a physical injury you can still complete the section once you have met the minimum time commitment. If this happens you should reflect on what happened, and what you did get out of the section
  2. Your assessor. There is advice about who can be your assessor and their role on the DofE website.
    • Please provide at least one method of contacting your assessor, so we can contact them directly if there are any issues, especially with their report.
  3. Getting approval for your plans
    • Once you have imput all the info for your plans click ‘submit for approval’ to send these to us. You should do this before you start the activity, so we can check your plans meet DofE requirements – you don’t want to spend time on an activity to then find out it can’t count.
    • It doesn’t really matter who you set as your leader – we can all see when you have done something that needs approving.
    • If there is something you haven’t finished you can ‘save as draft’, but remember to go back and submit the section before you start!
    • You can always go and amend something later on if needed by using the ‘revert to draft’ button, that appears at the bottom when you have submitted the section.

You can back date one section by three months before your enrolement, by setting the start date accordingly, as long as you can set appropriate back dated goals and have an Assessor for this time period.

Once you have submitted your section plans and got them approved you are ready to start working on them. Don’t forget to collect evidence as you go along! We have another page all about collecting evidence and finishing off sections which provides lots of advice about this, which is there for you to refer to when needed.